Emirati Burqa - An Intimate Object

Event Dates : 15 Nov 2017 - 04 Jun 2018

Location : Sharjah Heritage Museum 

Emirati Burqa - An Intimate Object Emirati Burqa - An Intimate Object

The exhibition invites visitors to explore the Emirati burqa on a substantial level that is hidden from the naked eye. It is a dialogue between visual arts and significant heritage symbols, where the burqa is a visual text that authors the silent face's memoir. It allows the onlookers a unique access to a world that highlights the daily life and rituals of the burqa owner. It contains a detailed dark text on a lively blank surface, confronting the eyes that directly reflect the human soul. It displays the beliefs associated with the practice of burqa wearing and its rituals, especially the ones used in the past, which some of them remain as they were, with the addition of modern adjustments. With the content's solid presence, We stress on the importance of the emotional charge that intensifies at the meeting point with this artifact which the artist Karima Alshomaly poised for display, or at the burqa's place in heritage whether in the UAE community or beyond it, or what still needs to be interpreted and to be shown not as a piece of the past, but as an independent aesthetic system capable of establishing on it the leaps it took to fulfill an aesthetic need, and as an advanced form of expression towards physical and intellectual potential, and launching serene aesthetics of the human face, and especially that of a woman.

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