Digital Exhibition “Museums for Equality: Diversity in Times of Adversity”

Location: Sharjah Museums Authority Date:18 May 2020 - 31 July 2020

In celebration of the International Museum Day under the theme “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”, Sharjah Museums Authority takes this opportunity to share these moments of creativity and solidarity via our digital platforms.

SMA invited all young artists, musicians and poets to share their artistic creations and be part of a unique digital exhibition on the occasion of International Museum Day 2020, ‘Diversity in Times of Adversity’


The crucial theme of IMD coincides with a worldwide pandemic.  Sharjah Museums Authority has realized how vulnerable creativity is with the current crisis and lockdowns as a result of Covid-19, and at the same time creativity is the one thing that has truly brought people all together, and where we found solace in this difficult time.

Young artists from around the world submitted diverse artworks. The submissions varied from photography, digital design, paintings, and poetry. 17 artworks were selected to be part of this specially curated digital exhibition.  


This exhibition includes original inspiring works responding to this year’s IMD theme and the global need for creativity during this international health crisis.  These artists believed in the role and power of creativity, art and design to bring people together. 



What is International Museum Day? 

Every year since 1977, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) organizes International Museum Day (IMD). 

The theme of IMD is chosen annually by ICOM to highlight museum issues in society.

In 2020, museums around the world will celebrate this day under the theme “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”.


Aya-Mohamed-Elsayed-Stay-At-Home-small.jpg Fatma-Ramadan-A-World-Crisis-small.jpg Aisha-Ghubar-Al-Shamsi-20-seconds-small-(1).jpg

Aya Mohamed Elsayed
Stay. At. Home.
Graphic Illustration
50 x 50 cm

Fatma Ramadan 
A World Crisis
Medium: N\G
110x70 cm

Aisha Ghubar Al Shamsi
20 seconds
Graphic Design
1000 x 1000 pixels

A digital artwork depicting different individuals partaking in different activities while being quarantined at home. The color palette is bright and happy, in pastel, to reflect the optimism during this time of adversity. The artwork is illustrated using flowy lines to enforce the theme of connectivity and the bond that is shared between people.


An artwork expressing the current state of the family during quarantine due to the Corona virus, where family members try to find various ways of entertainment such as playing, working and family meetings to pass time and get closer to each other.

A design inspired by the world-famous handwashing guidelines of 20-second hand-washing. The drawing was done in one continuous line, and many colors and gestures  to suggest the diversity in colors and cultures, but the goal is one and it is the use of continuous line art to signify continuing to follow the instructions to eliminate this global health crisis.

Abeer-Al-Edani-Family-(Stay-home)-small.jpg Alisha-Kilpady-Unite-small.jpg iman-small.jpg

Abeer Al Edani
Family (Stay home)
Acrylic on Canvas
50 x 60 cm

Alisha Kilpady
Pencil Colour on Paper
23.5cm × 26.5cm

Iman Qahtan Midhat
A story of social poisoning

An artwork representing the family in the artist’s style (Al-Baghdadiat style) to express the importance of the bond and commitment between the family members to face the current crisis and as an indication of the obligation to stay at home serving our country and people.


An artwork representing humanity in its diversity of cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions, coming together to form one existence, one presence, one face. In a world divided by wealth, race and gender, the Corona virus has emerged to be an equalizer to show us we are not so different after all.


Social Media has a great impact on individuals and societies. Despite all the positive impacts, it had its negative outcomes. "We started viewing other’s uniqueness as our dullness, other’s success as our shortcomings, and our differences as flaws.  If only we realize that the sun looks nothing like the moon, while both are brilliant and vital in their own way. It is important to know that our value is not challenged if we are not recognized and that this whole universe depends on us being different so that we can serve each other and find who we are and who we want to be. "—Iman Midhat

Ivan-Siarbolin-Choose-Universe-Mood-samll.jpg Salwa-Saeed-Abdel-Ghany-My-Children’s-Dreams-1-small.jpg swasit-small.jpg

Ivan Siarbolin
Choose Universe Mood
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
100 W x 120 H x 2 cm

Salwa Saeed Abdel Ghany 
My Children’s Dreams 1
Acrylic on Canvas 
50 x 60 cm

Swasti Tyagi
Harmony in the Time of Adversity

In “Choose Your Universe Mood”, the artist gives the viewer the choice in what is seen in the artwork, depression or opportunity. Each circle represents the choice we take on how to move forward: depression (grey circles), hope (vivid color circles), aloofness (opaque color circles) or complete refusal (black areas in between).

“We suffered, each of us in its own way, but there is “no gain without a pain”, and we may find ourselves in a better world which we build again. Hope is a key. In spite of crisis, pandemic and pains we must keep hope for brighter heydays. Colors symbolize mood, brightness, emotions and hope.” 

--Ivan Siarbolin.

In this work, the artist's son, Selim, appears in an encounter with the Corona virus without wearing a mask.

  "Selim said to me one day that I want to kill the Corona, with his innocent features that raged to show his courage, as if he imagines that he is a super hero who can save the world from this deadly enemy. As a child unaware of the seriousness of the situation, he always took off the mask whenever he had  to wear it ... because it annoyed him."--Salwa Saeed Abdul Ghany


In 'Harmony in Times of Adversity', the writer attempts to convey a message on how, before the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us had various boundaries and differences between us, which lead to various conflicts due to lack of mutual understanding. However, in such dire circumstances, all of us have been brought together and we have forgotten about trivial issues, and developed a sense of global understanding.


Salwa-Saeed-Abdel-Ghany-My-Children’s-Dreams-2-small.jpg Yusra-Fathima-Resuscitated-Nature-small.jpg Saviola-Dominiqueca-D-Mello-The-Circle-Same-but-Different-small.jpg

Salwa Saeed Abdel Ghany 
My Children’s Dreams 2
Acrylic on Canvas 
50 x 60 cm

Yusra Fathima
Resuscitated Nature 
Acrylic on Canvas
19.5 x 15.5 inches

Saviola Dominiqueca D Mello The Circle - Same but Different
Watercolor (2D Artwork)
29.7 x 42 cm

The artist's daughter, Sila, appears as a dreamy and gentle character, as she tears out her mask so that she can play with soap bubbles. Sila loves to play with bubbles, which she has always played in the day light, as the golden sun shimmers and fills the gardens with hope and life. "She told me again and again ... I want to go out, I want to swim, and that’s what I dream about, mom. I want to get on the plane to my country. So I told her this epidemic is in all countries." -- Salwa Saeed Abdul Ghany

These two artworks, entitled "My Children's Dreams", are an expression of the reality of the pandemic from the perspective of children who have been banned from going out.

This artwork signifies the rejuvenating nature of the world, when the sinful human practices are at bay. It signifies the need for change in the inhuman practices of people, to see the change in our environment.  “In our ONE world we need to show tolerance to one another and build an altruistic world.”—Yusra Fathima

Human beings are the all same but different. At the core we all originate from one source, and just like a ripple in the water, our realities expand outwards, but all still connected from within. The Circle, is a mandala which in turn represents the cosmos. All connected and interconnected, through a larger global community. 

“The Circle, is meant to represent the infinite wholeness of the structure of life itself, and the world that extends beyond and within our minds and bodies, stating that we as humans, are all connected and interconnected, through a larger global community.” -- SAVIOLA D. D MELLO


Mohamed-Hussein-Without-Features-small.jpg Salma-Eltayeb-Elhaj-small.jpg Mouza-Hasan-Alzaabi-A-conversation-with-the-moon-small.jpg

Mohamed Hussein 
Without Features
Acrylic on Canvas
120 X 80 cm

Salma Eltayeb Elhaj
Heroic Hamlin 
Digital Art

Mouza Hasan Alzaabi
A conversation with the moon
9:16 Aspect Ratio

"In light of the difficult circumstances of the world and the great challenges in fighting the Corona virus, and while taking the precautionary measures, everyone has been hiding behind medical masks and sterile supplies, and facial features that express personal traits have been lost in an effort to preserve the inner spirit." Mohamed Hussein

The artist dedicates this work to all the front line workers in the Covid 19 crisis, in appreciation for all their sacrifices to keep up safe. The work is inspired by Pied Piper of Hamelin.


This work showcases people’s connection with nature and The Creator during this adversity.

“Before sunset, every day, I wait for your gorgeous presence that adorns the violet sky, to come out and release my distress after becoming my friend and refuge in this difficult time, which has always whispered to me that, it will disappear, God willing, with the power of the Creator, the Creator of the Moon and the universe.” - Moza Al Zaabi

Linfriola-Shanel-Pinto-All-for-One,-One-for-All-small.jpg Trish-Finn-Hang-in-There-small.jpg  

Linfriola Shanel Pinto
All for One, One for All
Acrylic on Canvas 
101 cm x 75 cm

Trish Finn
Hang in There 
Smart Phone Photography 
4608 x 2128


The reflective theme of this painting shows oneness in diversity. “In this time of adversity that has engulfed us we stand strong not for oneself but in solidarity of each other. While we heal it is our habitat also that is healing and we reap the benefit of this change. We are all embodiment of this beautiful earth, taking the walk of life. The two worlds as you see are different yet are a reflection of each other. Wherever we are, whoever we are, we are one in the spirit, heart and mind." --Linfriola Shanel Pinto

*(Kindly see the image upside- down as well)

A photo dedicated to all frontline workers keeping our community safe from the pandemic, to the parents and the general public. The multicolored, one size fits all, homemade cotton masks resemble UAE's multicultural community. It's a reminder to us that although we are all diverse we are all equal when it comes to fighting the Corona virus. The light bulbs reflect the notion that there's light at the end of the tunnel.



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