Enjoy your visit to Sharjah Museums where you can learn many ideas that will make your trip to any of our museums an enriching and successful experience.

  1. Check this website for opening hours, location and facilities. Call the museum to ask about timing during special occasions such as Ramadan and public holidays.
  2. If you are coming with children, have a talk with them about the museum, facilities and collections prior to your visit to ensure appropriate behaviour.
  3. In specific seasons the museums move some objects or close some galleries and open new ones. Kindly ask the reception desk prior to your visit for more information.
  4. When you are back home create an activity based on objects you liked in the museum. You may use our pre and post visit activities.
  5. Find more information about the type of collection you visited in the libraries of certain museums.
  6. Enjoy your experience!


Sharjah Museums aim to fulfil the needs of all our visitors to achieve equality for all and remove any obstacles.

  1. We are currently providing an Audio Loop System at the Sharjah Archaeology Museum.
  2. We are currently providing an audio guide offered to the visitors free of charge on a first-come first-served basis at the front desk of Sharjah Archaeology Museum and Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. Those headsets provide information about the different parts of the museum and its collection.
  3. Wheelchairs are available in all of Sharjah Museums.
  4. Arabic Sign Language interpretation may be arranged for certain programmes.
  5. Download the Complete Accessibility guide at museums 2018 here.
  6. To request any of above services, please contact the Accessibility Services & Programmes division: 065197271 or email Accessibility@sma.gov.ae
  7. You can borrow our family back packs that are currently available at Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization during your visit.


Get creative and attend our various programmes offered for teachers in schools, universities and special care centres.

  1. Join our next teachers’ learning sessions offered for schools, universities and special care centres to learn more about our collections. Sessions are led by the museum educators and curators free of charge. To receive more information and to book your seat, call 065197266, or e-mail Education@smd.gov.ae
  2. Electronic resources are available below for teachers' use with their students during their visit to the museum:
    • Download Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization Teachers' Guide
    • Download Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization in-gallery activity worksheets
    • Download Sundial Activity – based on the Schools Webinar at the Sharjah Science Museum



Museums pre and post visit materials. These includes key questions, power point, glossary and further discovery that can be used in the museums.

  1. Download Al Mahatta Museum

  2. Download Sharjah Archaeology Museums

  3. Download Sharjah Art Museum

  4. Download Al Hisn (Fort)

  5. Download Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

  6. Download Sharjah Maritime Museum