SAWA Museum Academy "Call for Application"

Event Dates : 17 Mar 2019 - 15 May 2019

Location : September 15-25, 2019 in Sharjah, UAE
June 8th to 16th 2020 in Berlin, Germany

SAWA Museum Academy  "Call for Application" SAWA Museum Academy  "Call for Application"

The SAWA Museum Academy is a joint initiative of the Sharjah Museums Authority, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region together with the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW) aimed at students of museum studies and young museum professionals from the MENA Region and Germany.


The SAWA Museum Academy (SAWA is the Arabic word for together) is devised as an introductory professional qualification program for those who want to learn about the diverse operational areas that museums cover. The programmatic name was chosen to represent the structure of the Academic program, which by design consistently enforces mutual learning in all museum areas.

SAWA Museum Academy is designed to create a multicultural learning environment for Arab and German students to jointly share learning experiences, innovative approaches and methods in cultural appropriate museology, with the aim of gaining awareness and fundamental skills in multicultural museum management with all its associated special areas.
The SAWA Museum Academy program is taught by Arab-German teaching-teams, which devise each module of the curriculum in collaboration, taking into account the different local museological practices in the MENA Region and Sharjah, Europe and Berlin.
The program will take place in Sharjah, UAE
from September 15 to 25, 2019
and in June 8th to 16th 2020 in Berlin.

The SAWA Modules address museological subjects such as
  • What is a museum?
             Local versus International perspectives
  • Collecting and Documenting: Participative strategies for past and present
  • Curatorial strategies:
             From single to shared authorship
  • Museum Communication:
            Access, Engagement and Interpretation

Eligibility for SAWA Museum Academy participation and grant
Individuals interested in participating in the SAWA Museum Academy should provide documentation to attest that they meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant is currently-enrolled as an student in Museum Studies, or
  • Applicant is in the early stages of a museum-related career
  • Applicant has excellent English language skills
  • Applicant is motivated to encounter different cultures with mutual
BERLIN (University)
  • Applicant is currently enrolled as a graduate student at the HTW Berlin
           (Museumskunde M.A) or at a University in Berlin and with a focus on
           museological themes
  • Applicant has excellent English language skills
  • Applicant is motivated to encounter different cultures with mutual 
  • Applicant is working as Scientific assistant i.F. at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin,
  • Applicant has excellent English language skills
  • Applicant is motivated to encounter different cultures with mutual 

The SAWA Museum Academy offers applicants the possibility to apply for a grant, covering travel, housing and tuition fees. Please indicate in your application if this is of interest to you.

All applicants must provide proof of health insurance for the period of SAWA Museum Academy 2019 in Sharjah.

All applications must be submitted by May 15th, 2019

Create a single Word document or PDF that contains a short CV (one page) and a short essay about your motivation to participate in the SAWA ACADEMY (one page).
  • Please name this file as follows: LastName_FirstName.
  • Click Here to fill in the Form!
            By filling out the form you are not necessarily selected but will be presented to committee for review.
  • Interviews will take place End of May 2019 via skype.
  • The program is presented in English.
  • Application must be filled in English.
  • Send the application to all contacts listed below:

Aisha Deemas
Director of Executive Affairs
Sharjah Museums Authority
P.O. Box 39939, Sharjah, UAE
Tel.: +971 6 5566002
Fax: +971 6 5566003

Gundula Avenarius
Project Management
SAWA Academy
HTW Berlin
Tel: +4930 9561 4977

Fareed Majari
General Manager
Goethe-Institut Gulf Region
P.O. Box 53975
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel.: +971 2 4099400
Fax: +971 2 4099499

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