The museum’s permanent collection gallery is closed for an upcoming exhibition

About The Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum first opened its doors on April 17, 1997.

Why you should visit Sharjah Art Museum

Enjoy a world of artistic wonder and creativity‎ spread over large spacious galleries that welcome you throughout the year. This unique museum offers art lovers and all visitors, the opportunity to admire the splendor of a variety of collections and temporary exhibitions hosted by the museum, and also participate in the museum’s regular program and workshops.

A world of beauty, art and creativity ‎

With the opening of this stunning museum, you can now visit one of the largest art exhibitions in the Gulf region, which contains permanent collections and paintings by renowned artists. You can explore the history of the region through the fascinating masterpieces of local painters and Arab artists who have left an important mark in the local and Arab art world.

Explore a three-storey museum dedicated to showcasing artistic creations and collections of more than 500 artworks of various mediums and techniques, featuring a range of expressive techniques that will spur your imagination. Throughout the year, the museum holds a variety of temporary exhibitions and art events. The Art Library consists of over 4000 titles in Arabic, English and other languages, along with visual and audio materials.


Permanent museum collections : The fourth wing of the first floor at Sharjah Art Museum displays a captivating collection of modern and contemporary Arab art. This contemporary collection is composed of paintings and sculptures by some of the most famous artists in the Middle East: , including Abdulqader Al Rais, Louay Kayali, Bashir Sinwar, Faiq Hassan, Mohammed Yusuf and Ismail Fatah Al-Turk.

Local and international exhibitions:  The museum building hosts local and international exhibitions, cultural activities and artistic & educational workshops throughout the year.

Highlights from the collection

  1. Collection of works by the Palestinian artist Suleiman Mansour revolving around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the occupied Palestinian territories

  2. Collection of paintings by the Iraqi artist Jamil Hamoudi, one of the pioneers of modern Iraqi arts.

  3. Paintings by the Kuwaiti artist Thuraya Al-Baqsami, entitled "Min WahiFailaka" (inspirations from Failaka).

  4. Artworks by some of the most prominent UAE artists, such as Abdulqader Al-Rais, NajatMakki, Mohammed Abdullah Bulehya, Mohammed Al-Qassab and Obaid Sorour.


Normal Opening Hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Friday: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Entry Fees to the museum:


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Our Location

The museum is located in the Arts Area, Al- Shuwaihiyeen, near Al-Corniche post office - the Heart of Sharjah.

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