Exploring Sharjah's History

Explore Sharjah’s glorious history dating as far back as 125,000 years and discover the archaeological artifacts, the region's history and its people, the education, aviation and architecture through the fascinating collection.

Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Explore Sharjah’s glorious history and discover archaeological artefacts including coins, jewellery, pottery and ancient weapons – some dating as far back as 125,000 years ago.

Al Mahatta Museum

Al Mahatta, which opened in Sharjah in 1932, was the first airport in the region. Exhibits illustrate the history of aviation and highlight the importance of this airport in the development of the UAE.

Sharjah Fort (Al Hisn)

Sharjah Hisn was built in 1823 and it still stands majestically in the heart of Sharjah, resembling the old days when it was used as the seat of Sharjah Government, the residence of the Al Qasimi ruling family and jail. This historic landmark offers a fascinating collection that provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience Sharjah.

Sharjah Heritage Museum

Trace the history of UAE’s rich culture and discover traditions that have endured the test of time. Discover the history of Sharjah and its people through Landscape, Lifestyle, Celebrations, Traditional Knowledge, Livelihood, Oral Traditions and temporary galleries.

Bait Al Naboodah

Explore Bait Al Naboodah, one of the most prominent heritage houses in Sharjah that originally belonged to the late pearl merchant Obaid bin Eissa Al Shamsi, nicknamed Al Naboodah. The house was built in 1845, and showcases the spectacular and unique traditional architecture, traditional Emirati style mixed with imported architectural patterns from India and Greece.

Sharjah Maritime Museum

Embark on a voyage through the first Maritime museum in the Arabian Gulf dedicated to the UAE and in particular Sharjah’s rich maritime history, including local methods used for fishing, trading and pearling.

Museums Tour Duration

Sharjah Archeology Museum - 60 minutes, Al Mahatta Museum – 40 minutes, Sharjah Fort (Al Hisn) - 60 minutes, Sharjah Heritage Museum - 40 minutes, Bait Al Naboodah – 30 minutes, Sharjah Maritime Museum – 40 minutes.

  • For entry fees, working hours and location, kindly check each museum's page.
  • Entry tickets should be purchased separately at each museum.

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