Academic Research Application Form

Academic Research Application Form

Primary Information
Letter of Reference
Are there any co-researcher? If yes, please list name, degree, college and e-mail.

Work will be published
Yes No
If to be published, please provide details and refer to"SMA Rights" section in the Academic Research Policy

Purpose & Procedures

Summarize the purpose of research in no more than 200 words highlighting the background information, research questions, SMA required locations, aims and objectives of the research and the reason for choosing SMA in particular

Research Procedure

Clearly state the strategy of how you plan to conduct your research. List all methods to be used and types of data to be collected, eg:questionnaires, object examinations etc.

Research Interviews

Specify visitor demographic and staff occupation (museum or department) if included as part of the research.

Research Filming & Photography

Research Requires Filming / Photography Yes No
Interview Required
Yes No
If visual information will be posted in social media accounts, festivals or competitions, printed materials, etc please supply the details
Festivals / Competitions
Publications / Printed Materials
I have read and agree to abide to SMA Academic Research Policy also I agree to inform my SMA research contact of any changes in the research. In case of changes, the acquired information can no longer be used and a new form must be submitted with the new changes for approval.
Please note that research approval might take from 1 to 3 weeks. Please contact the museum directly for further enquiries.

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