Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern the permission given by Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA), Government of Sharjah to any individual or entity permitted to undertake filming at any one, or more, of the museums under its management.

Permission to Film

  1. SMA has the authority to grant permission to individuals and/or entities wishing to film inside the premises of its museums only. Permissions for external filming should be sought from the relevant authority.
  2. SMA has the right to decline requests for filming within the premises of its museums at any time.
  3. SMA has the right to negotiate/ review filming schedules in advance.
  4. Not meeting the mentioned date and time will cause cancelation of the filming/photography.
  5. I agree to inform SMA Communication and Development Department of any changes in the request scope in writing a minimum of 2 days in advance.
  6. A fee may be applicable for some filming requests. This will be confirmed in writing upon receipt of your Photography Application Form.
  7. The applicant must agree to these terms and conditions in order to receive full permission to access and film in the premises.

The Film

  1. Subject to your compliance to adhere to each and every term and condition we hereby agree that you shall have the permission to record in the designated areas in the locations stated above. This agreement is considered to be a location release.
  2. SMA would require to review the relevant parts of the film for factual accuracy with regards to material pertaining to the museums under its management.
  3. You agree to take all reasonable measures to ensure that you do not damage the reputation of SMA and do not misuse its logos.
  4. Footage of our locations, collections and/or staff should not be altered from the intended purpose. Re-use for another project or selling it to a third party is strictly prohibited.
  5. It is your responsibility to seek the approval of any visitor that may appear in your film.
  6. It is your responsibility to seek copyright licenses and any other required permissions.
  7. SMA must be acknowledged during the film credits with the following phrase ‘Special Thanks to Sharjah Museums Authority-Government of Sharjah’.
  8. SMA must be supplied with a copy (free of charge) of the finished film within six months of publication or project completion for documentation purposes only. In the event that SMA would like to use the film, we shall seek the rights from the production company/filmmaker accordingly.

Use of the Venue

  1. You shall not use the designated space/s for any purpose other than filming.
  2. You acknowledge that the space/s are not designed for filming purposes and may not be fit for the purpose. Therefore you agree to undertake all necessary measures to check the adequacy and safety of the space for your filming purposes.
  3. You shall not cause any disturbance or discomfort to any staff or visitors at all times.
  4. You shall not interfere with, alter or damage any of the contents within the building. Changes to fixtures, fittings and display installations may be possible but should be formally requested. Any agreed alterations will be recorded in writing on the Photography and Filming Request Form. If approval is granted, a member of staff will be assigned to oversee the process. In the case of damage, you shall bear the full costs of repair. Notify us immediately of any damage and do not attempt to remove or repair anything directly.
  5. Should you require any special effects or additional lighting, you need to obtain SMA approval in advance. In some cases, this may not be permitted.
  6. You shall seek our approval for any equipment you need to bring into the space/s. And you shall be entirely responsible for (a) the transport to and from the museum and (b) any additional power requirements (c) the safety of all personnel using the equipment within the space.
  7. You shall ensure that all crew members are able to provide valid identification upon arrival at the museum, we shall in turn provide them with visitor badges which must be worn at all times within the museum.
  8. You shall safely remove all equipment and additional lightings from the space once your filming period is over. If equipment is to be kept on site overnight then we shall indicate where it should be stored. In some cases you may have to remove it at the end of each day off site at your own costs.
  9. Any agreed changes to fixtures, fittings, display installations shall be returned to their original situation at the end of filming under the supervision of SMA/museum staff.
  10. You shall adhere to SMA Health and Safety Policy, and any other relevant policies.
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